Friday, August 03, 2007

PhillyCarShare + Bicycles = Velib'

The City of Paris (France, not Texas) has created a "bicycle transit system" called Velib'. Parisians and visitors will be able to pick up and drop off bicycles throughout Paris at 750 locations — offering a total of 10,648 bikes. By the end of 2007, there will be a Velib station approximately every 900 feet for a total of 1,451 locations and 20,600 bikes. I want "BikeFreedom" to come to Philadelphia!


ACM said...

it might have to start with somewhat wider roads . . .

Anonymous said...

I use velib and it is great ! One big site to access to the disponibility :

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I already belong to Phillycarshare. I'm ready to sign up for Velib even though I have my own bike. It would certainly help us raise awareness that cycling is a viable, eco friendly alternate to driving and possibly get Philly cops to arrest some of the meaner drivers who love harrassing cyclers.

evan said...

I've been riding it since July 15 and, while there are glitches, the system does work (after getting accostumed to the interface and bikes). I've been posting tips, tricks, info, photos, etc. on:


Anonymous said...

I recently was in Paris and used Velib to get around while site seeing. It is very convenient and a great way to see the city, especially at night! Parisian drivers were surprisingly considerate as well! Its easy to use once you get used to the system, but you do have to be careful and inspect the bike before taking it out. I did see some flat tires and broken chains. I wonder how often the city does maintenance? Your ID number is good for 24 hours and the first 30 mins is free. so you can check bikes in and out all day. It is most economical for use within short distances. After taking joyrides all over the city the cost was about 12 Euro. Average price is around 6 Euro for daily use.

Jacques said...

In fact most people , here , enjoy the bike sharing notion .

Moreover with the annual card (only ~44 $) it's very fast and simple.

But the VĂ©lib' system is now in bad condition due to sabotages.

Velib stations remove parking bays in an useless and stupid way and I suppose some people are angry about that.

There is none official forum ; see some of them for ex :

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