Thursday, August 30, 2007

Michael Bloomberg: Flexibility is Overrated

From the Inquirer, Michael Nutter met with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg who told Michael Nutter that "the key to running a big city is establishing your priorities, sticking to them, and not letting anyone, including the press, force you off them". I know that Mike Nutter will be that kind of leader.


ACM said...

well, "not letting anyone force you off them" doesn't have to mean "ignoring public sentiment and community priorities," which Bloomberg has learned only the hard way. I suspect Michael will be more clueful than that.

Anonymous said...

"That's what leadership is all about," Bloomberg said today. "You can't be flexible and lead."

This is the most disturbing comment from a leader I have heard. Ken Blanchard? Situational Leadership? Flexibility is key to leadership!

Anonymous said...

There are leaders who embody the thinking of the people as there are leaders who shape that thinking. The latter are more likely to be true leaders. The first are needed at some junctures, and the second at others.

Anonymous said...

I thought that Bloomberg's comments were about PRIORITIES (like crime abatement and education) and that a leader needs to be inflexible about them. I didn't think that he was suggesting that public input wasn't appreciated.

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