Thursday, August 02, 2007

Cherry Street is Dead, Long Live Cherry Street (Su Xing House)

While the demise of Cherry Street Vegetarian was difficult for me, I have found a worthy if not better replacement; Su Xing House at 1508 Sansom Street. It's delicious and very affordable. If you're looking for great Chinese vegetarian, this is the place. It's a B.Y.O.B. and yes, they deliver.


Anonymous said...

When I first came to Philadelphia in 1960, I knew of a vegetarain restaurant but such was the culinary climate of the time that it had items like meatless hamburger, the idea being that you ate a vegetarian version of what other people ate.

ACM said...

yeah, there's a place called "Kingdom of Vegetarians" that still does that...

Anonymous said...

you must try and make sure ask for the veggie meal, it fab!!!


In Short
Sink into huge pillow couches, listen to rattling drums and whining horns and watch the food come, and come and come. The waiters flaunt their machismo by pouring mint tea with the teapot at least a yard above your cup. Anticipate a huge prix fixe menu of b'stella (a phyllo pastry with egg, chicken, nuts and spices), grilled beef or lamb, chicken, fresh fruit and Middle Eastern pastries including baklava--all to be eaten without utensils

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