Thursday, May 11, 2006

Voters Split on East Falls And River Slot Parlor Sites

PHILADELPHIA, PA -- Two telephone public opinion polls conducted by Global Strategy Group, LLC on the attitudes of voters in the areas of Philadelphia being considered for casinos, commissioned by Trump Entertainment Resorts, were released today. One of the polls surveyed 600 voters in the neighborhoods surrounding the former Budd Plant site where Keystone Redevelopment Partners and majority partner Trump Entertainment Resorts (“Trump”) (NASDAQ NMS: TRMP) have an application pending. The second poll surveyed voters of the Delaware River area where there are four additional applicants vying for gaming licenses.

The results of the surveys showed that community support and opposition to be consistent surrounding the Budd Plant site and along the Delaware River, as less than half of the residents surrounding the former Budd Co. plant are opposed to the TrumpStreet Casino and Entertainment Complex (“TrumpStreet”) proposal. Additionally, the research found that a majority of residents who live in proximity to the Delaware River sites stand opposed to having two venues built in their area.

The research was conducted following the request of the Multi-Community Alliance, who asked representatives of TrumpStreet to conduct a poll to accurately gauge community sentiment towards the casino. The poll determined that 43% of those surveyed opposed building a casino, 44% favored and 13% were neutral or had no opinion. The Delaware River sites had approximately the same levels of opposition and support: 42% opposed, 45% favored and 13% were neutral or had no opinion.

Jefrey Pollock, President of Global Strategy Group, LLC said, "The data is very clear that support and opposition for the TrumpStreet Casino is virtually evenly split. There is no empirical evidence supporting the claims of the individuals opposing TrumpStreet that residents are overwhelmingly opposed."

Data from the TrumpStreet poll also revealed that African-Americans support the Trump casino application: 47% support, 40% oppose, with 13% having no opinion.

White voters, however, oppose the casino with 51% opposition, 38% support and 10% having no opinion. When asked what should be done at the Budd Company site, 21% of respondents stated a casino and entertainment complex, 13% wanted a shopping center and 12% preferred a park and recreation area.

When the 600 voters surveyed on the Delaware River areas were asked "Would you prefer that one casino be built along the Delaware River and one somewhere else in the City, or should both be built along the Delaware River, or should both be built somewhere else in the City?" Only 36% of those residents wanted to see both on the Delaware River. The remaining respondents wanted to see both casinos located elsewhere or preferred only one be built along the river.

Donald Trump, Chairman of Trump Entertainment Resorts, met with elected officials and neighborhood leaders to discuss the findings of the poll last week.

Mr. Trump said, "We are gaining momentum in educating the residents of the neighborhoods surrounding TrumpStreet as to the real story behind our application. We understand the challenges that will face our neighbors should we be successful and it is important that they know how hard we are working to address their concerns. This poll is proof our message is beginning to resonate and that residents are now beginning to separate myth from fact. ”

The Global Strategy Group poll was conducted between March 29 and April 5, 2006. The Trump Site survey was taken from a one and one-half mile radius of the location of the casino. The Delaware Avenue survey was taken in the First Councilmanic District

The overall margin of error is +/- 4% at the 95% confidence level for each survey.

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