Friday, May 26, 2006

John Dougherty: He Said, He Said

John Dougherty having some trouble with the facts, from Gar Joseph's column in the Philadelphia Inquirer today:

"When anti-Frank DiCicco posters sprouted on utility poles last week, the city councilman quickly blamed Eddie Kirlin, whom he called "director of arts and crafts" for Local 98 of the Electricians Union.

Union leader John Dougherty told us last week that Kirlin hadn't worked for 98 in two years. But National Labor Relations Board documents show Kirlin was a consultant for the local, making $36,000 last year.

"He does information technology for us," Dougherty said. "He helps on our Web site and with marketing."


Anonymous said...

I know both Ed Kirlin and Johnny Doc, I also know that, about two years ago, Eddie went on hiatus—he left his Local 98 business rep. position to write a screenplay. Ed has not been an employee of Local 98 since, but he has done some IT/creative/marketing work for them on an as needed basis.

Anonymous said...

But Mr. Dougherty said that Kirlin hadn't worked for 98 for two years when in fact he had. It's a distinction without difference to say that in once instance he worked "for" 98 and in another he was "paid" by them.

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