Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The New York Times Loves Philadelphia

Another positive article in the New York Times about Philadelphia.


Mithras said...

For future reference, here is the link to the NYTimes permalink generator. The plain link you used in this post is not a true permalink; i.e., it will eventually go behind a pay archive wall. This is the resulting permalink after running it through the generator. You can do this for most NYTimes.com links.

Another way to get news permalinks (for nytimes.com and other major news sites like washingtonpost.com) is to use a feedreader like bloglines.


Candadai Tirumalai said...

Here is an aspect of Philadelphia or rather of the University of Pennsylvania which requires some inside knowledge. More than four decades ago, a distinguished Professor of Folklore there regularly said that Christians were cannibals, because that was his view of Communion. And while some members of the community strongly disagreed, nobody called for his dismissal.
It was well known to many at the University that the daughters of two of the Professors (both now deceased) had committed suicide.
A religious man who had been an undergraduate at the University in the 1950s and went on to get a Ph.D. at Yale often said in later years that in his view both the Professor's view of Christain Communion and the fact of the suicides was the deplorable or tragic consequence of Philadelphia's rationalist or Enlightenment tradition.
No doubt these matters can be seen in many perspectives.

jhupp said...

FYI ... it's way after the fact, but Mithras is wrong in this instance. Certain sections of the Times (like the travel features and reviews) never go behind the pay wall. But straight news does. So the permalink generator still matters.

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