Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Horizons Wins Award

Horizons has won the “Restaurant of the Year Award” from VegNews Magazine. The husband/wife team of Rich Landau (executive chef) and Kate Jacoby (pastry chef) moved Horizons from the suburbs into Philadelphia in 2006 and became our City’s first upscale vegan restaurant. The two-story restaurant (downstairs lounge; upstairs dining) serves “nouveau vegan cuisine along with organic spirits”. Craig LeBan - Philadelphia’s premier food critic – gave Horizons an “excellent” rating. Horizons is located at 611 South 7th Street. I've been there; it's delicious.

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ACM said...

yeah, it's great, and not far from where I live. sadly, it's just a tad over the price range for eating there all the time, and even more sadly, it's had such good publicity that you have to reserve pretty far ahead...

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