Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Sports Complex Skyway?

Mark Allen Hughes has an interesting idea: build an elevated walkway to connect the subway station and indoor/outdoor stadia at the sports complex, as well as whatever parking or retail/office complex that gets built on the former Vet site (see op ed). The walkway would enable pedestrians to avoid the parking lots, making it more convenient (and safer) for motorists and mass transit riders. Mr. Hughes suggests that the project would be a strong candidate for federal transportation funding for cutting congestion. Says Mark Allen, ”We missed a chance to build downtown sports venues. We should at least make it as easy as possible to get from downtown to those venues. Done right, that might even make for the best solution after all.”

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Anonymous said...

The original Broad Street Subway ended at Snyder Ave.

It was extended to Pattison in 1973 to serve JFK, the Vet and the Spectrum.

It's disappointing that the line was not extended down Pattison to the Linc or the Citizens' Bank park as part of it's construction.

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