Thursday, February 10, 2005

Reducing Gun Violence Through Charter Change?

Councilman Clarke introduced a bill calling for a Citywide referendum that would give voters the opportunity to decide whether to amend the City Charter to permit Philadelphia to make its own laws to prevent and reduce gun violence (see story). Presently, all such laws are enacted by the State Legislature. The Councilman's bill calls for corresponding state legislation to complement any potential charter change. America's Hometown unequivocally supports any efforts to permit Philadelphia to enact gun laws different (and more stringent) than elsewhere in the state.


Anonymous said...

Would the state laws also apply, or would the city regulations supercede the state laws?

If the city regulations could trump the state law, what would happen if a city wanted to enact less stringent regulations?

It reminds of the debate in California, when SF wanted to allow same-sex marriage, contrary to the state regulations.

DanielUA said...

Realistically, this has no shot of happening (the Harrisburg part of it). Philly has in the past invoked some pretty basic, common-sense gun laws, (for example, a ban on straw purchasing) only to see them instantly destroyed by Harrisburg.

Anonymous said...

It's probable that this doesn't have a chance, but it's a battle that needs to be fought. Gun violence is a scourge on Philadelphia's poorer neighborhoods; negative impacts on quality of life and economic development are significant.

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