Thursday, December 09, 2004

Councilman Cohen, Slowin'

Councilman Cohen should be ashamed of himself for impeding progress on City Council's consideration of ethics bills (see story). Of course, the Councilman has been an active practicioner of nepotism himself, having employed his wife for many years. And - somewhat relatedly - got his sons into the family business (one is a State Rep, the other a Court of Common Pleas Judge). His delay tactics aren't surprising, the Councilman has increasingly become a caricature of a "liberal politician"; he wears the mantel proudly, but has been quite ineffectual as an advocate for "liberal causes" in Philadelphia, whatever that means in 2004. As a Council observer, I remember him once complaining during a budget hearing with the Office of Fleet Management about the unwieldiness of the "gooseneck lamp" in the back of his taxpayer provided Ford Crown Victoria. I also remember him complaining about bicycle lanes on Ogontz Avenue. Kind of makes me think that term limits are a good thing - you sort of lose your effectiveness after over 25 years in the same office (or any job for that matter).

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