Wednesday, December 15, 2004

City Council Ethics Update

So sorry to hear that Councilman Cohen's relationship with his daughter may have been compromised because he couldn't score her a job twenty years ago (see story). And I'm sorry to hear that Councilwoman Blackwell feels that Councilman Nutter's ethics proposals would disrespect where she came from (see story). Her quote is priceless "[o]bviously, many people got here [in Council] through nepotism," she said. "It's a matter of respecting where I came from." A couple of things - (1) the dinosaurs went extinct, the Berlin Wall fell, and stronger ethics rules will come to Philadelphia City Council, and (2) Councilman Cohen and Councilwoman Blackwell - nobody is impugning your relatives' or your own integrity or capacity to do good work, but you're elected officials and you're held to a higher standard and different code of conduct. Philadelphia government isn't the family business - don't you get that?

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