Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Metropolitan Moms Launches in Philadelphia

Metropolitan Moms has launched in Philadelphia. What is it? According to their website:
"Spending quality time with your baby can be fun for baby AND you. Metropolitan Moms will take you and your baby on private museum tours, to the latest gallery exhibitions, on historical neighborhood walks, and on visits to the studios of emerging artists. Metropolitan Moms is your chance to explore the world beyond babies- and here’s the best part- you don’t have to leave your baby at home! All excursions are stroller friendly and limited to small, private groups led by seasoned experts. A Mother’s Helper also attends to ensure moms get the most of each moment of the class and that all needs are quickly attended to."


Anonymous said...

Hello!Kristin and Holly, You definitely want to contact me about my "Take Five Camp for women". It is located in bala cynwyd and runs one day a month in the fall and everyday in the summer! It includes a cooking class, yoga class and a fun workout at a kids gym from 9:30 -2:30! I would love to send you a brochure and tell u more about how we can join forces! Carole Blum 610-733-7737 or

Unknown said...

I know moms would love this. You should submit They have an events page. You can get your event featured by going to their events page.

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