Monday, July 16, 2007

PhillyCarShare Announces Transit Reimbursement Policy

PhillyCarShare - Philadelphia's preeminent car sharing organization - today announced a program that will reimburse drivers for the cost of using mass transit. PhillyCarShare members who use SEPTA subway, trolley and regional rail service will be reimbursed as a credit to their PhillyCarShare accounts, up to $7 round-trip for regional rail and $2.60 round-trip on rapid transit and subway-surface. Receipts or tickets are required for all but subway trips. With more than 30 eligible stations in the program representing every rail line in the SEPTA system, notable stations include 69th Street, Frankford, Fern Rock, 30th Street, City Hall, Eighth and Market, and neighborhood stations along the R6, R7, and R8 regional rail lines in Northwest Philadelphia. See PhillyCarShare's website for details.

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