Friday, August 18, 2006

Mike Nutter on Taxes

Candidate for Mayor Mike Nutter has an op-ed in the City Paper discussing his position on taxes that is worth reading. Here are two notable excerpts:

"The negative effects of Philadelphia's tax laws on job growth are about as scientifically certain as the effects of global warming, having been recently documented in studies from the Philadelphia Federal Reserve, the Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority and the Philadelphia Tax Reform Commission."

"Because of our tax laws, we don't have enough good living-wage jobs in this city. Because of our uncompetitive tax system, we don't have enough money to invest in affordable housing, to provide more afterschool programs for our children, or to offer the hope of quality education and employment opportunities to the thousands of young men and women who drop out of school or don't go to college. Creating jobs, providing quality education and investing in our citizens would significantly reduce crime and violence in our city. That is why I care about tax policy."

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