Monday, February 06, 2006

Philadelphia Relocation for Ad Firm a Success

A year and a half ago, LevLane relocated from City Avenue in Lower Merion to the Wanamaker Building, across the street from Philadelphia City Hall. Since then, it has expanded and diversified its client base. "We never changed our philosophy, moving into the city…helps us effect change," said Bruce Lev, a founding partner of the firm. "Out on City Avenue, I don't think we could do that." Further, David Lane, president of LevLane, added, "When we did [move], we didn't lose a single staffer. We even had people who sold their houses and moved into the city. It's energizing." LevLane is the City's 12th-largest ad agency, with income of $3 million and 30 employees, see the Philadelphia Business Journal for more.

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