Thursday, January 26, 2006

Lynn Swann will Revert Back to an Ugly Ducking on the Campaign Trail

One of the reasons why Lynn Swann’s candidacy for governor will ultimately implode (either during the primary or general) – aside from the fact that he’s got no government experience and doesn’t have the expertise to run the Commonwealth – is that things in Pennsylvania are going along quite nicely and the state government is being well run.

For instance, Pennsylvania's unemployment rate dipped last month and its non-farm job count rose for a 10th straight month, according to the state's Department of Labor & Industry. Seasonally adjusted non-farm jobs increased by 300 - the smallest month-to-month gain over 10 months - to push the state's job count to 5,730,300. Over the year, total non-farm jobs increased by 64,400, or 1.1 percent, just under the national growth rate of 1.5 percent. The state's unemployment rate dipped from 5.1 percent to 4.9 percent last month, matching the national rate. In December 2004, the state's unemployment rate was 5.7 percent. The number of people working or looking for work fell by 4,000 last month to 6,306,000, which is 20,000 below the December 2004 level.

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