Thursday, October 13, 2005

Condomania Comes to East Falls

The Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority ("RDA") has preliminarily selected Global City to construct the "Terrace at Falls Bridge". This proposed $85 million development would consist of 172 condo units in four modern buildings ranging from four to twelve stories. A key feature in the design is a forty-foot wide public terrace that will run between Ridge Avenue and Kelly Drive. The public terrace will be flanked by 17,000 sq. ft. of retail space, likely to include a food store. The selection of the developer by the RDA Board is considered preliminary. Global City will need to negotiate a developer's agreement with the RDA and then secure necessary approvals for their project, including zoning.


DanielUA said...

Do you know if Food Store means all out grocery store?

The area seems like it could easily support a Trader Joes type of place.

Rob said...

It's great to see the waterfront being developed.

I know that Folks in the neighborhood would like to see a Fresh Fields or Whole Foods. One of the developer groups had signed up Weaver's Way.

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