Sunday, September 11, 2005

A Demonstration Wetland Takes Shape in East Falls

Saylor Grove – a three acre “pocket park” in East Falls – is being converted into a wetland by the Philadelphia Water Department. The man-made marsh will attract bats, frogs, toads, and other critters that you’d generally find in a wetland. Visitors will be able to stroll the quarter-mile trail encircling the wetland and the site will also feature an overlook and a bridge over small waterfalls. The parcel is located across Lincoln Drive from Monoshone Creek, site of Historic RittenhouseTown and the first paper mill in America (circa 1690).

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Anonymous said...

Historic RittenhouseTown is very excited about having the demonstration wetland across from this Nationla Historic Landmark District located in Germantown. It will help support our nonprofit organization's historical interpretation and education of this 1690 site of North America's first paper mill. The wetlands will also achieve success in restoring the environment of this part of the Monoshone Watershed. We also hope that the demonstration wetland will combine with our site to serve as one of the cultural gateways to Philadelphia's Northwest Section.
Andrew Zellers-Frederick
Executive Director
Historic RittenhouseTown

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