Tuesday, August 02, 2005


GoodWorks-PAC.org, a Federal political action committee based in Philadelphia, has endorsed the campaign of New York City Council candidate Gur Tsabar as a model for all Democratic campaigns. GoodWorks-PAC.org recruits and assists Democratic candidates who use public service in their campaigns. These campaigns highlight Democratic values, earn positive media, and strengthen the Democratic Party’s ability to turn out voters.

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Eric Loeb said...

The work these guys are doing is really amazing. Check out www.gurforcitycouncil.com.

To date, Gur’s campaign has built a 500-book library for an elementary school in the East Village, handed out tax assistance coupons for low-income families, orchestrated a rock concert to benefit tenants at risk of losing their affordable housing, distributed emergency cell phones to seniors, conducted a clothing drive for victims of domestic violence in New York City shelters, organized a massive district-wide voter registration drive, produced a small business resource guide to help local entrepreneurs, and planned a food drive for hungry families in the New York City!

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