Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Philadelphians Mistrust Local Government According to a Recent Poll

An Issues PA-Pew statewide poll suggests that the recent Philadelphia municipal government corruption trials (and various guilty pleas and convictions) has affected area residents' perception of government. AHT is shocked. Apparently, Philadelphians faith in local government is at a low ebb. A scant 20 percent of Philadelphians say they trusted local government to do the right thing at least most of the time. In the Philly suburbs, that level of trust jumps to 47 percent. What can be done to increase Philadelphians’ level of faith in their local government? Support current efforts to tighten ethics laws and in 2007 vote for a Mayoral candidate with the fortitude and conviction to restore dignity, professionalism, and high ethical standards to the second floor of City Hall.


ACM said...

And get involved in local efforts to influence the selection and behavior of future candidates for every level of local and state office! Get to know your party officials, and/or work with organizations like Neighborhood Networks (Saturday!!) who plan to reward/support principled politicians and work to educate the public on how they can make a difference (and take back their city!)...


Anonymous said...

Somehow I'm not surprised.

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