Monday, May 23, 2005

Breaking Wind?

The Pennsylvania Consortium for Interdisciplinary Environmental Policy ("PCIEP") runs an energy purchasing collaborative made up of 34 member colleges and universities. Nine have increased their purchase of wind-generated electricity to at least 10 percent. These schools are Eastern University (32.2 percent), Dickinson College (12.1 percent), the University of Pennsylvania (10.4 percent), Juniata College (10 percent), Allegheny College (10 percent), Chatham College (10 percent), Duquesne University (10 percent), Keystone College (10 percent) and Mercyhurst College (10 percent). Instead of "burning the midnight oil", will people say that students pulling all nighters at these schools are "breaking wind"?

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Anonymous said...

are these all "private" colleges? I don't know the answer, but if there are no public schools in the group there should be a way to lobby the state to get involved.

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